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The Unusual Gang of Idiots: REASONS with Major Nelson Anthony "The Lost Astronaunt"

From season one, episode one I have been DCs Legends Of Tomorrow's biggest fan.
To date it might be my favorite comic book inspired live action TV show.

I'll have to comprise a list and let you know where it ranks with other favorites like George Reeves' The Adventures Of Superman , Lois and Clark and Bat Man 1966.


Alan Moore's WATCHMEN revealed the dark dark underbelly of what super hero life would be like in the real world. DC's Legends reveals just how damaged, warped, and a few donuts short of a dozen you have to be to get involved with super heroe-ing and time travel. AND IT'S FUN.

Over the years the heroes on Legends have fumbled their way through one mission after another.

While Super-Man is regarded as a hero almost with out pier, while the DC Universe The Legends occupy see them as a gang of misfits at best ...but mostly idiots that mean well.

Watching every week. I watch to see how bad they will mess up before figuring out how to save the day.

To their credit the villains have gotten deadly since they first encountered Vandal Savage.


I love the DC Adventure Animated Universe that gave us Batman Adventures and Justice league Unlimited. Why? Because the writers always made the people behind the masks more important and compelling then the grand super powers they wield (hero or villain.)

I can say the same for Legends.
In comics I never cared for Captain Cold, The Atom, Heat Wave or any of the other characters.
In fact I always thought they were corny and their powers sucked.
However, the writers on LOT really have crafted characters with personality.
I love the The Atom/Ray Palmer's goofy optimism.
I love Heat Wave's rudeness but warped sense of honor and the fact he write romance novels.
White Canary is a total bad bad ass and fights for her relationships (with men and women.)
Steel...well I still mostly think he's a dud but ...he's still a great idiot to have on the team.


Earlier I mentioned my favorite live action TV Super Hero shows and LOT reminds me of all my favorites.

First I remember as a kid how thrilled I was to see comics come to life for Adventures of Super Man.
Then I was super thrilled as Super Villains came to life in The 1966 Batman show.

Then Lois and Clark brought them all together.

I could go on.

I will just say that LOT has delivered some of my favorite non popular villains like Per Degaton and some of my favorite B-list heroes like Jonah Hex.

LOT also with the time travel and the occasional trip through the multi-verse reminds me of Land of The Lost.

So here's the deal.

The Reasons I Love Legends

The Idiots
The Adventures
The Villains
The Character Development

So Until They Bring Back Electra Woman and Dyna Girl?
(Just kidding do not do that)


Monday, April 1, 2019

The Light's Arts and Music in Pictures So far 2018/2019

We cannot possibly thank everyone that has invested, sponsored, came, shopped, prayed and wished us well.

Not individually. Please consider this year in pictures so far attempt to thank every one.

I do have to thank individually

Mark Tyler
Mary Tyler
Cheryl Sellers
DK KJ Butta
Veronica Kennedy
Elizabeth Rozier
Herb Belton
Robert Farmer
Diana Marie
The Bourre
The Labelle Art Gallery
Christine Pagano
Ventnor Coffee
The Wakefield/Dixon Families
T Wakes
Taina Speaks
Laura Seeman
Demetria Winters
Aim High Solutions
Robert Williams
Verneen Hill
Angela Burton
Lennox Warner
There are many more....we will credit you...please believe you are not forgotten.

The Awesome Guitar at Ventnor Coffee
(DJ's Against Hunger)

Son Of The 215

DJ Swoosh and crew at Ventnor Coffee
DJ's Against Hunger

Marc Asbury (Left) Ray The Closer (Right)
DJs Against Hunger

Radio Personality Hank Green and Candidate for City Council in AC, Torres Mayfield

Book Publisher Khalidah Hunter
DJs Against Hunger

DJ K Ave and Torres at DJs Against Hunger

Robert Williams Talent Manager at DJs Against Hunger

DJs Against Hunger
Jerry Ryan from Elephant Talk in The Sixer jersey.

Mr. Atlantic City, DJ Fah D
DJs Against Hunger

Mayfield, Asbury, K Ave, Dr. Pedro Santa
DJs Against Hunger

Fashion Designer and Bow Tie Crafter Herb Belton,
Spencer  Dawson, Model George Brown and Hank Green at
DJs Against Hunger

DJ K Ave, DJ Flair, DJ KJ Buta and Ray The Closer
at Bourre, AC for The 2018 Festive Festival

TV personality Whitney Ullman and her sister at
DJs Against Hunger

Photographer Patrice Dawson
at DJs Against Hunger

Philly's Steppin In
DJs Against Hunger

Anthony Brower from Friends in Action

DJ KJ Butta and Ray The Closer Rocking at The Festive Fest
at The Bourre

Fashion Show Producer Tanya Wright with Ray The Closer at Naomi's Cafe for Officially Inside Out's Paint and Sip.

Robert Farmer at Bourre

Mame Wilson owner of The Labelle Art Gallery
The Alternative Soul Sunday Mixer

Poets Heather Roberts and Slade
The Labelle Art Gallery for Alternative Soul Sunday

Recording Artist April Chocolate Girl Williams and friend

Members Of The Young Democratic Caucus of SJ

Recording Artists Kyle Steed and Mikki

Artist Aaron Pines at The Bourre for The Arts and Music Mixer

Steve Young and Henrietta Shelton
At Bourre for The Arts and Music Mixer

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The Unusual Gang of Idiots: REASONS with Major Nelson Anthony "The Lost Astronaunt"

From season one, episode one I have been DCs Legends Of Tomorrow's biggest fan. To date it might be my favorite comic book inspired...